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Life Events Planning Services

Estate Conservation

Life insurance and estate planning can be an option for your family to ensure your heirs are not robbed of money due to taxation.


College Funding

When structured and utilized properly, permanent life insurance policies (including whole life and indexed universal life) can help fund college expenses through loan provisions that enable the policyholder to borrow on the cash value that has accumulated. 


Charitable Giving

Gifting all or a portion of a life insurance policy can greatly reduce the donor's taxable estate, which can save thousands of dollars in estate taxes for upper-income taxpayers.


Insurability Protection

When a parent (or grandparent) purchases a child life insurance policy early in life, they are ensuring their child’s insurability. Buying life insurance on a child will remove the following obstacles, each of which will increase their rates or even render them uninsurable if they were to apply once they were older:

  • Developing an adverse medical condition

  • Tobacco use

  • Avocation and occupation factors

  • Family history – heart disease, cancer, etc.

Estate Conservation
College Funding
Charitable Giveing
Insurability Protection
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